Benefits of Organic Wine – Perfect Festive Hamper Addition

In our beautiful seaside office, we stock a range of organic, bio-dynamic, vegan and preservative-free wines to accompany our gift hampers.

Are you thinking “What is the difference?”

I hear this A LOT.

Sadly in Australia most of our food is sprayed with chemicals or genetically modified (GMO) to deter pests & produce large harvests. Sulphur dioxide (SO2), otherwise known as additives 220, 223 or 224, is added to wines. Wine naturally contains SO2 but wine-makers add more to avoid spoilage.

A recent study conducted by Food Chemistry, Volume 179, 15 July 2015, Pages 336–342 states that roughly 1% of people react to SO2 at different levels, experiencing skin irritation, migraines and ‘hangover’ symptoms. My father-in-law is one of these people. He loves his red but has to drink only organic wine because he is one of the 1% who experience red, blotchy and itchy skin.

The benefits of organic wine:

a. Sustainable farming:

Organic farms are as productive and always more sustainable than non-organic

b. Biological soil health:

Soil health is at the heart of sustainable productive farms. The absence of harmful agrichemical sprays increases healthy soil, microbe activity and optimising plant health.

c. Beneficial Insect, Fungi & Bacteria:

Fungi and bacteria are protected (the good bugs), rather than killed off with pesticides and herbicides during organic farming. This means that plants are naturally more resilient to fungal disease and insect attack (bad bugs).

d. Consumer Benefits:

The eliminated agrichemical residues in wine (food) are not present, meaning we as consumers do not ingest the toxins. Organic certification on labels is your guarantee that the products are free from harmful chemicals. Less hangover symptoms!

e. No GMOs:

GMO plants and farming inputs are prohibited in certified organic wine production.

f. Pest Control:

Organic farmers usually use a milk bio product to keep those bad bugs away from their crops.

Tamburlaine Organic Wines is famous for their bio-dynamic & certified organic wines. They write ‘Bio-dynamic is a term first used by Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner in the early 1900s. He described it as a holistic approach to agriculture, involving the management of farms as total systems, less reliant on external inputs (chemicals). Any bio-dynamic farm must first comply with organic rules’.

Our favourite wineries are Mudgee’s Martin Hills winery; certified organic & vegan friendly. We also love Tamburlaine’s amazing range of certified organic wines. Both of these amazing Australian wines are in our luxury gift boxes & hampers.

Why not add one of our fantastic organic, vegan and/or preservative-free wines into a Christmas gift hamper today! Corporate clients love the response they receive about our beautiful corporate gift boxes packed with local organic produce. See our range of Corporate gifts click here

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