Why Raw Earth Hampers & Raw Earth Store were created?

I’m quite nervous about posting this blog. Not because of the content but because I’m worried about how my writing skills are perceived. This is my first blog ever posted so I hope I can keep you interested! I will be introducing myself to you and I will explain how my two businesses started.

About Me (aka. Elizabeth)

I grew up in Middlemount, a small mining town in central Queensland. My dad kept a large vegetable patch and chickens throughout my younger years, I was constantly helping him collect the eggs or picking the vegetables from the garden . I think this started my passion in all things organic, sustainable and ethical.

Did I mention my home town was small? It had approximately 2500 permanent residence. Growing up in a small town had its benefits but for me I wanted something more. My intentions were to leave once I completed year 12.

In November 2001, two weeks after finishing Year 12 I joined the Australian Army at the age of 17. I stuck to my word much to the disappointment of my parents. I was nervous and slightly apprehensive, but mostly excited about my new life and the challenges to come. I have loved my time within ADF. I have travelled within Australia and overseas. One of the best attributes of a military life would have to the bond you create with people whilst serving. It is unbelievable. I have met amazing people that I know we will be friends for many more years to come.

During my time serving our beautiful country I met my husband Matt and in 2006 we married in Newcastle NSW. We lived in numerous towns & cities throughout Australia (Melbourne, Townsville, Sydney) before leaving the Army and settling in the Illawarra (South Sydney). We have one active but beautiful son Jaxon and a small farm (two dogs, two cats and a goldfish named Nemo). Hopefully we can add some chickens to our family soon. We have now brought our dream house in the Illawarra and would love to renovate using only reclaimed and recycled materials. In my downtime you can find me at the gym or outside running. Maybe you will find me with my family on one of the many beautiful beaches of Wollongong. But majority of the time you can find me at home enjoying a wonderful glass of organic red wine watching my favourite tv series’ and movies.

Why Raw Earth Hampers?

Whilst deployed overseas, I was looking for a house warming gift for friends who moved from Sydney to Perth. The gift had to be sustainable and organic to suit my friends love for healthy lifestyle. We both share the same likes for all things ethical and sustainable. During the search there was nothing available that fitted my criteria so I created an organic food hamper to be delivered. Boom! The idea for Raw Earth Hampers began.  I started to research the market during my spare time of full time employment and family life.  Raw Earth Hampers was finally launched in Dec 2014 after 2 years of research and creating.

Why Raw Earth Store?

Since I opened Raw Earth Hampers in Dec 2014, I was contacted by friends, family members and even strangers if they could purchase my hamper products individually. My brain began to tick, so I decided to open another online business – Raw Earth Store, was opened in Jul 16. Our store allows you to purchase our wonderful organic, sustainable and ethical products in one online market store with easy and secure payment.

My future goals.

Raw Earth Store and Raw Earth Hampers were created so that I could walk away from my Army career in pursuit of a more fulfilling life with my passion of Ethical and Sustainable living. My main goals are to spend more time with my family and enjoy every moment of the two businesses I built from scratch (Raw Earth Store and Raw Earth Hampers). I intend to provide you with organic, sustainable and ethical products for your Life, Home and Family.

When you order a Raw Earth Hampers you should expect:

  • Corporate gift service specialising with providing Eco-luxury gift hampers and gifts;
  • The highest quality in Sustainable, Organic and Ethical products and gifts;
  • Luxury and Choice;
  • Confidence that you are making a difference to the quality of our planet Earth;
  • A gifting service with a special personal touch;
  • A selection of products that support Australian businesses and brands;
  • Indirectly supporting Australian Charities (read more);
  • A Reusable and Biodegradable packaging; and
  • A special gift wrapping service (if required).

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Raw Earth Store & Raw Earth Hampers because I’m loving everyday that I provide you with quality products that my team and I find.

Elizabeth x

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