What makes you feel great?

I came across an article last year about a recent British survey asking people what makes them feel great. The top fifty answers included some fairly bizarre responses (including # 50- thinking about the Royal Family), but most were refreshingly simple and, happily, free! Can I feel great?  Can you guess what came top of the list?… #1 – Sleeping in freshly made bed. That IS a good feeling! Also rating were:

3. Kindness of a stranger

9. Doing something for others

12. Finding a bargain in the sales

14. Freshly brewed tea of coffee

16. Having a long, hot bath

19. Chocolate melting in your mouth

23. A soothing massage

36. The smell of new books or magazines

37. The smell of fine wine.

My personal favourite is #32 – popping bubble wrap!

For the full list, go to

I’m not sure of the scientific reliability and validity of these results, but the survey did get me thinking about how I would answer that question. What about you? What makes YOU feel great? My top ten (not necessarily in this order) might look something like this:

1.Spending time with family and friends


3.Getting back to nature


5.Listening to and making music

6.Helping, giving, doing things for others

7.Enjoying good food, wine, COFFEE

8.Exercising my body

9.Exercising my spirit (praying, meditating, …)


In a happy coincidence there is a big crossover between my list, Britain’s list, and what we do and what we stand for at Raw Earth!

We can help with your freshly brewed tea and coffee, long baths, massages, wine, chocolate, books, finding a bargain in the sales and more! Or, you could double your joy and tick off #9 on the list by buying two hampers, keeping one for yourself and giving one away. Research shows ( that giving to others is just as good for the giver as the recipient. Did you get that? Making others feel great makes you feel great. Winning! Not only that, but when buying organic, sustainable, and fairly traded products you are also making our planet feel great and helping make life better for the people who make the products. AND (it just keeps getting better) here at Raw Earth Store and Raw Earth Hampers, we support Arctic Breed Rescue, Soldier On and Oz Harvest. Check out our Charity Support Page for more info.

So why not do something today that makes you feel great?!

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